Bay City

Leonid Tulchinsky

Leonid Tulchinsky, age 86, passed away peacefully on May 8, 2018, in Midland, MI. He was born on October 8, 1931, in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Leonid graduated from Kiev Polytechnic Institute in 1954 with M. S. in Physics of Dielectrics and earned his Ph. D. in Solid State Physics in 1970 from the Institute for Problems of Material Science in Kiev. He spent most of his career at that Institute progressing from Junior Researcher to the Department Head of Magnetic Materials. Leonid received the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Engineering in 1987 for his outstanding innovations. He continued scientific work into his 70s and was granted his last US patent in 2001. A distinguished scientist, Leonid coauthored more than 100 articles, nearly 50 patents, and 3 books mostly in the field of magnetic materials.

Leonid married his beloved wife, Aza, in 1954. After coming to America in 1997, he and his wife lived in New York City until three years ago when they moved to Midland to be closer to family due to deteriorating health. They were sadly separated in 2015 by Aza’s death after 61 years of marriage.

Leonid enjoyed listening to classical music, reading, attending concerts, and spending time with the family and friends. Even after retirement, he learned emerging technologies and found pleasure in using various new gadgets himself and teaching others. A caring, thoughtful, selfless, and humble person, he will be remembered as a devoted and loving father, grandfather, brother, uncle, and friend.

Leonid is survived by the son and daughter-in-law, two granddaughters, two great-grandchildren, brother and his wife, and one nephew.